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Welcome to Portway MOT Centre Andover

Portway MOT Centre

Portway MOT Centre is your go-to for top-quality car detailing services in Andover. Our experienced team provides exceptional customer service and workmanship, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every visit.

Working On Car Engine

MoT Test From Only 


MoT in Andover

At Portway MOT Centre Andover, our fully-qualified technicians will carry out your MoT test and with hundreds of satisfied customers you can be sure of the best in service and value. You can book quickly and easily online or call us and we'll make your booking personally.

MoT tester you can trust

We want to rectify the problem for you and will always look for the most cost - effective way of achieving this without compromising your safety. As a DVSA - approved MoT centre, everything we do is strictly monitored and failure rates must reflect national averages. Were we to carry out unnecessary work we could lose our licence – and you, our customer. So it can't and won't happen.

Professional customer service

Our skilled technicians will ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standards and where a cheaper option is available it will be offered as a matter of course.

Car Repair
  •  MoT While-U-Wait

  •  Any Car, Any Age

  •  Transparent Charges - economic repairs

  •  Main dealer quality - Independent Prices

  •  Free MoT Re-Test

  •  Save on Parts and Labour

  •  Unbeatable value for servicing

Why choose us?


Your time is precious so every part of the MoT process is streamlined at MoT Andover. We are situated in a convenient location.

MoT while you wait

A modern multi-lane facility and our experienced technicians and testers allow us to complete your MoT test speedily without compromising on safety in any way. Your test will be performed in under an hour.

What will it cost?

Most stations charge £54.85 for a test, but we charge from only £27.00.

We aim to never be beaten on price and will match or beat any genuine comparable price advertised locally.

We do this to give us the opportunity to show you the value of our service and facilities because we are confident that once you have used our company you will become a regular customer like so many others.

Portway MOT Centre

The MoT Test

Portway MOT Centre

1. Body and vehicle structure: Free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas and there are no sharp edges likely to cause injury.

2. Fuel system: Has no leaks and the fuel cap fastens and seals securely. The fuel cap will need to be opened so be sure the key is available.

3. Exhaust: Meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, depending on the age and fuel type of the vehicle.

4. Exhaust system: Secure, complete, without serious leaks and silences effectively.

5. Seat belts: Are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All compulsory seat belts must be in place.

6. Seats: Are secure. Front and rear backseats can be secured in the upright position.

7. Doors: Latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items.

8. Mirrors: Are in place, in good condition and secure.

9. Brakes: Are in good condition and the operation and performance (efficiency test) is satisfactory. Note the removal of the road wheels is not part of the test.

10. Boot: Secured in the closed position.

11. Tyres and wheels: Are in good condition, secure, of the correct size and type and tread depth is sufficient. Spare tyres are not inspected.

12. Registration plates: Are in good condition and secure and that the characters are correctly formed and spaced..

13. Lights: Are in operational condition and secure. Headlamps are tested for aim.

14. Bonnet: Securely latches in the closed position.

15. Wipers and washers: Operate to give the driver a clear view ahead.

16. Windscreen: In good condition and the driver's view of the road is clear.

17. Horn: Operates correctly and is of a suitable type.

18. Steering and suspension: Are of a satisfactory condition and operation.

19. Vehicle identification number (VIN): On vehicles first used on or after the 1st of August 1980. Not more than one different VIN is displayed except on multistage build vehicles.

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